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The personal property of inmates shall be respected by all detention staff and shall be handled with care to prevent loss or damage.


  1. Confiscation: The Detention Officer shall, during the initial search, confiscate all Personal property of the newly admitted inmate. Confiscated property shall include, but not limited to, the following:
    1. money
    2. belts, ties, hats, jackets, and coats
    3. all contents of inmate's pockets
    4. other items not part of the inmate's clothing (e.g., purses, backpack, key chains, watches, jewelry, checkbooks, etc.)
    5. contraband
  2. Description: All cash of personal property taken from an inmate upon admission Shall be listed and completely described on the Property Receipt form in duplicate. The receipt shall be signed by the receiving officer and the inmate. If the inmate is in an inebriated state, is a mental inquest detainee, or is mentally ill of mentally retarded, there shall be at least one witness to verify this transaction. As soon as the inmate is able to understand and account for his/her actions, he/she shall sign the receipt and his/her copy be stored with his/her personal property.
  3. Property Bags: All items shall be placed in the property bags. If any item is too Large to be placed in the property bags, it shall be listed and described on receipt The inmate's name and date of admission shall be noted on the property tag.
  4. Storage: All inmate property in the custody of the Wayne County Detention Center shall be stored in the Inmate Property Room, which shall be secured and inaccessible to all but authorized personnel.
  5. Third Party: Personal property released to a third party must have the inmate's Signature of approval and the signature receipt of the third party.
  6. Permitted Items: The Wayne County Detention Center shall require the Confiscation of all personal property of inmates with the exception of socks, underwear, and bra (no wire). No stamps, paper or envelopes will be brought into the Jail due to security reasons. Stamps, paper, and envelopes may be obtained at the Jail.

Items for inmate lodged in the secure area of the Jail include:

4 tee shirts (white or grey only)
4 pair of underwear (white or grey only)
5 pictures (no Polaroid)
1 Jogging suit
4 bras for females (white only- no wire cups)
4 pair of socks (white or grey only)

Items for inmate lodged on the RCC area of the Jail Include:

5 tee shirts (white or grey only)
5 pair of underwear (white or grey only)
5 pictures (no Polaroid)
1 jogging suit (white or grey only)
5 pair of socks (white or grey only)
1 pair of shoes

  1. After an inmate has been booked and assigned in the facility, no jewelry will be accepted nor shall be permitted additional jewelry.
  2. Inmates will have 15 days from book-in date to release all excess property or it will be discarded.
  3. Inmates in The Detention Center will not be allowed any clothing brought in.